Giovanni, brings you a unique new sound of Latin Pop!

He started as a dancer for freestyle artists like Johnny O. and Connie.He also got his big break and joined singer/songwriter/drummer/percussionist Sheila E.Giovanni appeared in two of Sheila E’s 1991 music videos Sex Cymbal and Dropping Like Flies from her “Sex Cymbal” Album.

Giovanni has perfected his skills of writing and singing, along with producer Rence Perez of BlackHouse productions and Grammy Award producer Michael Mani that has produced for Mariah Carey,Santana, New Kids On The Block, Tevin Campbell and many more to bring you a sound that is different from any Latin pop artist.Michael Mani produced 3 songs in Giovanni’s latest EP. Giovanni has had the pleasure to share the stage with many known artists like Wild Orchid,Rob Base,C&C Music Factory and the legendary Roger & Zapp just to name a few.

Giovanni has now Released 3 Singles for 2017 Entitled Tu Silencio/Silence, Rule The World. Tu Silencio/Silence is a laid back Pop song you would listen to cruising down the coast but still with a great rhythm and Rule The World is Pop with a unique rhythmical beat. 2019 Giovanni has released his greatest work with his new Single-Satellite. With this song he brings you a little of the 80s, 90s and 2000s sound all in one. Look out for this exciting artist and his exciting music!

Music Licensing Ready - Publishing via ASCAP and The Harry Fox Agency

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